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The To-Do List: Yay or Nay?

I have purposely avoided giving Johnny a to-do list over the years.  I really feel like he’s a big boy – all grown up.  He knows what needs to be done around the house, so why should he need a list, right?  I don’t want to treat him like a kid!

So I asked him about it.

He said that the guys at the station have actually asked him if he had a list made up for him by the time he finished his shift.  I think they were a little horrified when they found out he didn’t have one.  LOL!

So I asked him how he felt about having a list and was really kind of shocked at his response.  Are you ready for this?

He WANTS a list!  REALLY!

And WHY does he want a list you might ask??

So he will get yelled at less!

So now I feel bad because apparently I’ve been expecting him to practically read my mind for 16 years and when he doesn’t I get all mad.

I have to go think about this now.  I’m a bad wife!


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