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Today’s Lightbulb Moment

I was a hard working Mom for most of my adult life.  (Ok…. I STILL work hard, I just get paid in smiles and hugs instead of a paycheck.)  After having my first son at age 19, I’ve worked at least part time and MOSTLY full-time since.  I’ve done everything from bank teller to drafter.

I’ve been a stay at home Mom for a few months now and it’s almost Christmas.  (YAY!!  I LOVE Christmas!)  When I picked up my kids today I told them we were going home to bake cookies.  Boy child asked, “You got more cookie dough?”  You see, for the last several years I have been working so many hours that I’ve relied on the frozen cookie dough I’ve bought from school fund raisers and Girl Scout cookies.   It never occurred to me that my kids didn’t even know that cookies could be made entirely from scratch.  AT HOME!!

These days my kids get a hot breakfast nearly every morning, I pack their lunches, and they have a snack prepared for them every afternoon while they do their homework.

Yesterday Boy Child complained about having to get up at 6am.  He called it  “unhealthy.” I gently reminded him that when I worked in city government I got up every day at 430 am in order to do some laundry, plan dinner, get them up, dressed and fed and dropped of at daycare in order to  meet my carpool to arrive at work by 730 am.  His reply?  “Yeah.  And you were a LOT meaner then.  It’s unhealthy!”

Point taken, sweetheart.

And now we’re having warm chocolate chip cookies (made from scratch) and milk while we play a game of “Go Fish.”

Fuck the company cars and corporate credit cards.  I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.  And WANT to be.


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