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Book Review: The Hump Day Diaries

Quite a while back I posted this.

I will now reveal that mystery blogger as……none other than…..MaryMac over at Pajamas and Coffee.  Apparently that post of hers caught the eye of a lot of people at “The Gal Sprouts” and caused some significant uproar in her life.  You can read about that here.

So why am I revealing the inspiration for my blog post?  Because Marymac has made lemons into lemonade!  She used it to her advantage and it is abso-fucking-lutely hilarious.

The “Rubber Duckie” was the first in a series of weekly sex toy reviews known as The Hump Day Diaries.  Then she morphed those blog posts into an e-book.

When I first saw her offer to send a free copy of the book to fellow bloggers if they would review it on their own blogs I thought…….eeeewwwwww…….seriously?  really?  That’s gross.  I’d feel like a peeping tom!  I don’t even like porn so how could I possibly review this book?

Ok so here’s where I admit that I LOVE FREE STUFF!  Combine that with the fact that I no longer work for The Gal Sprouts and you’ve piqued my curiosity.  (Good thing I’m not a cat!  HA!  Curiosity…..get it?)  So read it I did.

First let’s watch the commercial for Poise.  (After four kids and four vaginal births….these things happen)

Oh. my. fucking. God.  This woman cracks me the hell up!  I really wish she’d do stand-up, ‘cuz I’d be in the front row every night.  It’s not only her humor that gets me though.  Its her brutal honesty, and her fearless way of expressing herself.  I envy her.  I think I’m going to cyber-stalk her.  (KIDDING!!! geeeezzzz…)  It’s not a gross, detail heavy account of her experiences.  (Thank the GODS!)

Chapter titles include:  Fuck a Duck, Jiffy Lube, Horny Goat Weed, Handicap Parking Space for a Crooked Penis?, Clone a Willy and Mary Had a Little Lamb just to name a few.

I laughed….and laughed….and laughed…until my 12 year old son asked what was so funny.  Then I had to leave the room because obviously I couldn’t tell him I was reading a book of sex toy reviews.  (I like to think that I’m not a bad influence on my kids….but I’m prone to fantasies, after all.)

Guys (or rather, GALS)  you gotta get this book!  The humor notwithstanding….it’s an e-book that is remarkably well formatted too!  LOL!  A rarity, I can assure you!  My Nook can attest to that!  And her writing flows like the spoken word.  I can honestly hear the conversation with her in my head when I read her writing!  She’s brutally honest, yet doesn’t take herself too seriously – unlike a lot of bloggers out there.

Ok – Pulitzer Prize material it’s not.  BUT…..

Marymac you are awesome!  YOU ROCK!!  You crack me up!  I love your book and I love your humor!  If I knew you were gonna be at BlogHer, I’d sell my youngest child to pay for my plane ticket and hotel.  Oh.  Wait.  That’d be illegal so maybe I shouldn’t post that here.  Aw crap.  Unless I sell her I can’t afford to go anyway….unemployment and all that…


Fire Wife

**disclaimer:  All I got for writing this was a free copy of the book.  It’s not expensive.  Go buy it.


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One thought on “Book Review: The Hump Day Diaries

  1. pajamasandcoffee on said:

    Doooooood! This review is the bomb! Thanks for reading the e-book, and especially your wise decisiOn not to share it with your 12 yo son! LOL
    I really can’t thank you enough for all the sweet things you said- you have totally made my day!!!! (except for that part where I have to withdraw my Pulitzer nomination now… Bummer) 😉 lol

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