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S*** My Kids Say


Anyone who has kids knows where I’m coming from when I say….I need to write this stuff down!  My kids crack me up!  The first two are adults now, but there are still a few memorable things they’ve said to me.


Kevin came home from 1st grade with a new joke:  What’s round, purple and dangerous?  A grape with a gun!


Katie, normally a straight A student, came home with a “B” on her report card and assured me that it wasn’t the end of the world.


Kenny:  What do you mean you can’t buy happiness?  Have you ever seen a sad guy on a jet ski??


Krissy:  Mommy, if you try really hard, someday you can be a great artist like me!  (She was 4 at the time)


I found a great book in the bargain section at Barnes & Noble called “Oh What You Said.”  It’s kind of like a parental diary for all those cute (or annoying but endearing) things your kids say or do.  Aren’t the books in that section kind of the ones that weren’t very popular? That makes me sad.  It’s a fantastic idea….but it’s a shame more parents don’t feel that way.

They grow up SO fast and I really want to remember those things when I’m 80 years old!  And some day I’ll be able to use it to embarrass them by reading it to their kids.  I consider that revenge for the sleepless nights, colic, chicken pox, minor (and major) surgery, almost failing high school, being taller than me by the time they are 12…..

I could go on and on and on and on……..


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