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Firefighter Holidays

What?  Holidays?  People don’t stop calling 911 just because it’s a holiday.  In fact, there are more domestic  violence calls on “Family” type holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother’s and Father’s day, etc.) than on “friend” holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc.).  I don’t have any research to back that up, just Johnny’s word on it.  And I trust him.

So Johnny is working this Thanksgiving – as usual.  But we’re used to it.  In fact, I don’t think we’d know how to react if he didn’t.  So every year the MIL asks him what we’re doing for Thanksgiving and every year he replies, “Working.”  Then comes the inevitable invitation for the kids and I to come to her house on Thanksgiving Day.  And since I don’t have any family nearby – or even in the same state for that matter – I have to come up with something creative to get out of it.  ‘Cuz you know – it’s bad for your digestion to eat a meal with people you don’t particularly care for.  (aka the SIL)

A couple of times I’ve rounded up the kids and hopped on a plane to Colorado to see my Grandma.  That’s always nice.  It brings back great memories.  When I was a kid we had both my uncles, my aunt, their assorted kids.  It was noisy and messy and SO much fun.  For me it’s not a holiday without a BIG crowd.  For that reason, I like to spend holidays with a LOT of people.

This year we’re splitting up the holiday.  We’re having Thanksgiving dinner ON THANKSGIVING (woohoo!)  at both the fire station AND with my BFF Shauna and her family, assorted friends, etc.  Food, wine, kids everywhere….Not THAT’S a holiday.  Johnny has ONE sister – no brothers.  So a holiday with his family is 10 people.  (My older kids usually decline to go….but that’s another post.)  TEN PEOPLE.  period.  It’s just not a holiday without 2 uncles and their wives, an aunt, grandparents, 11 cousins….at least 20 people.  Grandpa used to set up a BIG table with  saw horses and plywood.

Ahhhh…the memories…..

Friday when Johnny comes home we’ll have another Thanksgiving dinner.  My little family is growing.  This year we’re adding a son-in-law to be, and that makes us a party of seven.  I’m hoping for another son/daughter-in-law or two some day.  And lots of Grandkids.

And THEN it will be a holiday again.

And Johnny will still be working.

But that’s ok.  We deal with it.


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One thought on “Firefighter Holidays

  1. Yes, we’ve already seen the rise in DV calls here as well 😦 I’m very excited for our family dinner…TOMORROW! Possibly dropping some dishes off at the station today, but I haven’t gotten a text about their plans. Such is our fire life as well. Now off to my parents to make the best of it with the family I can enjoy today. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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