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Princess Teeth


My daughter is a mess.  Really.  Poor thing had a pretty rough start.  NICU, MRI’s, cancer diagnosis, neurosurgery, endocrinologists…..and just when we thought it was all over…..she fell on her face.


Literally.  She fell on her face.  The end result was losing her four front teeth.  (On top)  Poor kid has had a pediatric partial plate cemented into place  since she was barely four years old.  We call them her Princess Teeth.  They help her be beautiful,(her interpretation of their function) keep her from lisping, and keep the rest of her teeth in place.  And they cost Mommy and Daddy a LOT of money even though we have great dental insurance.


Tomorrow the Princess Teeth are coming out.  Her dentist can see her new teeth coming down on the xrays from her regular check-up and he says it’s finally time.  So now Krissy will be without her four front teeth until the new ones come in during the next several months.


I think we’ll have corn on the cob for dinner.


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