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Why Johnny Became a Firefighter/Medic

Last week I asked Johnny to complete this sentence:  “I am firefighter because….”

Being a man of few words he answered, “I am a Firefighter because I love the excitement of the job and it can change day-to-day.  The biggest reason is I am not cooped up in an office all day and no 9-5 bullshit.”

That’s what I love (and what aggravates me most, too) about him.  Black and white.  To the point.  He doesn’t dance around the question.

Ok yeah – he’s definitely not an “office job” kind of guy.  I remember his two-week long 9-5 classroom orientation when he first became a full-time firefighter.  It drove him (and consequently ME) bananas!  He hates sitting at a desk, he hates being lectured to, and he hates being INSIDE for too long!

But if you really know Johnny you also know that his answer is just the tip of the iceberg.  He really is an incredibly complex person.  And he is, by nature, a rescuer in every sense of the word.

I’ve purposely avoided discussing life’s little aggravations with him because he tends to “own” my problems.  If I tell him I’m depressed he assumes it’s because he’s not making me happy.  If I tell him I am frustrated at work, he comes down on himself because we’re not in a financial position for me NOT to work.  He wants to fix it for me.  He NEEDS to rescue me, I think.

If a friend needs Johnny’s help he’s there for them.  I remember one night early in our relationship we woke up to someone pounding on our door at 4am.  It was his friend Scott.  It was pouring rain outside and he had gotten his truck stuck in the mud near our house on his way to work.  Without a second thought, Johnny threw on some clothes and went to help.

I think to a great extent, there are those that take advantage of his helpful nature.  He does shift trades, works unplanned overtime, and holds over for a few hours because his chief and fellow firefighters know they can rely on him to save the day.

Maybe it’s because his Mom is a nurse, or maybe it’s his Midwestern upbringing, or maybe it’s just in his DNA, but he is rescuer in every sense of the word.  He saves lives every day, spoils his wife rotten, and loves to see the look on our kids’ faces when they are happy.

Actually, I think he’s just a good human.  Not many of those around these days!


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One thought on “Why Johnny Became a Firefighter/Medic

  1. My guy is the same way, always wanting to fix everything for everyone. I love it, but it does take him away from the family quite a bit.

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