Life of a Fire Wife

My Supermom Day

I’m in my second week back at work, and really it feels like I never left.  Except that I have a completely different job.

Never fails.  I set the alarm for 6am and I wake up at 5:45am.  Drat.  I have to beat Johnny to the bathroom anyway, because when he gets done its uninhabitable.

Luckily I have the luxury of working in a ROWE environment and can work my WORK around my LIFE, (although I’m gonna be doing a LOT of nights and weekends to make up for it!) so I make myself some breakfast, read a bit, throw a load of laundry in, run the dishwasher and see Johnny off to work and get breakfast for the kids.  This morning that also included my oldest daughter, who is on her way down from Girl Scout camp to an appointment with a guidance counselor at her college.  I love it when she drops by unexpectedly and lets me feed her.

I like feeding people.  Makes me feel useful.

I finally get out of the house with the two youngest at about 815 am, drop them off at Grandma’s, and get in to the office.  I still have to move the rest of my stuff into my new office, (my docking station isn’t working and it takes about 30 minutes to figure that out – I’m no IT guru!)  clean up after the CPR class last Friday, set up for the CPR class for Wednesday, run over to the Red Cross to get some materials and manage to get some lunch before having to leave the office at 130 pm in order to go to a commission meeting that starts at 2pm.  (I’m on our city’s Mobile Home Rent Review Commission)  That went on for two hours, but I’m happy with the result.

Next I pick up the kids from the Grands, hit the grocery store, go home to cook dinner, water and weed my vegetable garden, talk to Johnny on the phone for a few minutes, clean the kitchen, fold the laundry, plan dinner for Wednesday, get the kids bathed, play hangman with Krissy, listen to her read, make a list of the groceries I didn’t manage to grab today so that I get it done over the weekend and make tuna salad to take to work tomorrow because I KNOW I won’t get to eat otherwise.  (Not that I can’t stand to lose a few more pounds)

And here we are at nearly 11pm and I’m writing a blog post and listening to Deadliest Catch. (JAKE IS AN ADDICT!!)

And I don’t drink coffee.

And tomorrow I get to do it all over again.

Work/Life Balance?  Not so much.  Hell, I don’t even know what’s going on in the world these days.  Who won the Lakers’ game?

Relaxation?  Seriously?  Lemme pencil that in – I think I can spare a few minutes in October 2011.



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