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More Vacation!

The thing about Cal Fire is that you have to submit your vacation requests in October for the following year.  And since we’re not psychic you never know what’s going to come up during the year.  Sure Johnny got FMLA for my surgery, but that’s a special circumstance.

Today was the first day of Johnny’s vacation.  He’s off all of next week, and goes back to work on May 25th.  The funny thing is, (actually not so funny, really) Kenny, who worships his Dad, leaves for 5th grade science camp on Tuesday and won’t be home until Friday.  Oops!

So every year, Johnny submits requests to be off for our kids birthdays, my birthday and our wedding anniversary.  He doesn’t even bother to request his own birthday since it’s on Christmas, and he’s a little low on the totem pole seniority wise here in our little town.  You never know what you’re going to get.  One year he requested six different weeks and was granted ONE DAY.  This year we were lucky.  He got Krissy’s bday, my bday and our anniversary.  Of course, if he leaves the unit all bets are off.

Such is life in the fire service.


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One thought on “More Vacation!

  1. Oh, vacation. It’s difficult sometimes!

    Have a nice week!

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