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The Day Krissy Disappeared

If you’ve read Krissy’s Story, you know that she had a pretty rough start.  She was developmentally delayed at first, but completely caught up in every aspect except size by the time she was a year old.  She was really small compared to what I was used to when compared to with my three older kids.  (READ:  Moose!)  She was so tiny and just seemed so fragile, but trust me – she was SMART!  Still, I admit that we did treat her a little differently.  You just can’t watch your child being wheeled off to BRAIN SURGERY without being profoundly affected, ya know?

(I don’t know how I would have gotten through her first 6 months without the love and support of my friends and especially my co-workers!  They even donated their paid leave time so that I wouldn’t have to worry about money while I was off work during her surgery and recovery.  MWUAH!!  You know who you are!)

At the time, I worked in the Mayor’s Office of a pretty big city, and needless to say, the days were pretty long!  One day after work I picked up the kids from their sitter and went home to cook dinner, supervise Kenny’s homework, and get them both in to the bath and into bed before I passed out and had to start the whole process over the next morning at 4:30 am because, of course, Johnny was on shift.  But I digress…..

So Krissy was about 18 months old and DEFINITELY in the “I do by myself!  I a big girl!” stage.  So when we pulled into the driveway I opened her door, unbuckled her car seat and went to check the mail while she climbed out of the car “BY MYSELF!”  As I walked to the door sorting through the mail and fumbling for my keys I realized that Krissy was NOT behind me like she usually was.   So I went back to the car.  She wasn’t in her seat, in the front seat, or in the back seat, or under even the car, or anywhere AROUND the car.  I looked in the front yard, up the street and down the street.  No Krissy.  I looked in the back yard, in the front yard AGAIN, up the street, down the street, all the while calling her name – no answer.

Now I’m starting to panic.  I hadn’t noticed anyone on the street, or even any cars passing by.   So, in tears, I ran in the house to get the phone to call 911.  As I ran in, I heard the television on in the living room, and thought, “Oh good!  Kevin (oldest son) is home and he can help me look for her until the police come!”  So I ran into the living room and stopped dead in my tracks as I saw KRISSY sitting in her Daddy’s La-Z-Boy watching cartoons!  Relief swept over me as I grabbed her and hugged her so tightly that she tried to wriggle out of my arms.

Then it occurred to me what had happened.

We leave our garage door up about 8” so the cats can get in and out to eat.  Krissy had crawled UNDER the door and gone into the house all by herself, turned on the television and sat down in Daddy’s big comfy chair to watch cartoons.

And THAT is when we stopped treating Krissy any differently than any of our other kids.


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4 thoughts on “The Day Krissy Disappeared

  1. shell1972 on said:

    Gotta love em don’t ya lol. Darn kids sometimes Findin myself lookin back at moments like you talk about though and missin them, as all my kids are now “legal” adults :(. They grow up so fast and one day this will be one of your best memories

  2. That’s what makes a blog even more special! It’s a permanent record of all those funny/agravating/humilitating/special/endearing things they do!

  3. carg909 on said:

    I remember when that happened you yelled at me for not watching her.

    • AHA!! Checking in on Mommy to see what I’m saying bout you, huh? Sometimes Mom’s yell when they are scared. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. xoxo

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