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Something I Never Thought I’d Say

Today my youngest daughter toured the new police station in Banning, CA.  Impressive, really.  It’s a beautiful facility, and the Chief of Police took over an hour to give us a personal tour.  It hasn’t opened yet, so we got to see EVERYTHING!  Holding cells, evidence room, booking, dispatch….state of the art facility!  I even took pictures of my kids sitting on the concrete benches in the juvenile holding cells!  hehe

At the end of the tour a gift bag was presented to each scout.  I didn’t have time to look at it because we had to hit the road for San Diego to see my best friend Anna, but the kids did clue me in on a few things in the bag while we drove.  The bike lock was a real hit with Mom, of course.  And there was something that LOOKED like a roll of yellow caution tape that turned out to be bubble gum!  Of course there were stickers that looked like police badges and all that fun stuff.  But then I had to use a sentence I never thought I would EVER have to use in my life……



Yeah, I think that’s definitely the highlight of this trip! 


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